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Early Pitching Review

March 10, 2010

Here is a quick pitching summary of the first few games of spring training.  Unfortunately, the fields in Florida are not set up for PitchF/X, so we don’t have access to pitch type, speed, or location.  In the case of the Nats, this might be a good thing.  I thought about naming this post – “Weak One Pitching Review”.

Many of the Nats picked up where they left of last year – they can’t get major league hitters out.  I’ve compiled a chart of every game pitched through March 9th, otherwise known as “THE BEGINNING OF THE STRASBURG ERA”.  Some pitchers have actually pitched like they belong in the majors. Most notably, STEPHEN STRASBURG, (how long should I keep all caps and bold for Jesus?) Matt Chico, Aaron Thompson, J.D. Martin, Drew Storen, Tyler Clippard, Logan Kensing, and John Lannan have kept runners off the bases and runs off the board.  I have highlighted their efforts in the chart below.

Tyler Clippard had a solid two innings work.  He threw 16 pitches – 4 Strike Outs, 1 Wild Pitch, and 2 Singles. Logan Kensing was the only pitcher in this group with a pitches per inning rate in double digits at 10.0.  Every one of these guys got outs and kept their pitch counts down.

On the flip side, some have been notably bad. Sean Burnett, Shawn Estes, Shairon Martis, Craig Stammen, and Victor Garate looked like big chocolatey soupy messes on the mound.  Lots of walks, lots of hits, lots of runs. Special recognition goes to Ron Villone for his 27.00 Walks per 9 Inning rate.  How about Tyler Walker’s 47.3 Hits per 9 Inning rate?  Shairon Martis has pitched fewer innings, but he is chasing Walker with a 40.5 Hits per 9 Inning rate.

It’s early in the season and this is a small sample. However, a couple of these guys are making it easy for Rizzo and Riggleman to make quick roster decisions.

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