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The Plush Effect – Part II

February 22, 2010

Last week in my post on Federal Baseball, I discussed Nyjer Morgan and a method for calculating a runner’s performance on the bases called Running Bases Produced (RBP). RBP is a measure of how many bases a runner produces on his own. This includes stolen bases, bases taken through defensive indifference, and “Bases Gained” – the number of bases a runner takes over an average runner.  This week, we will look at Running Bases Production Percentage – the number of RBP divided by the RBP attempts.  This percentage calculates the success rate of runners who try to steal bases and stretch a run for an extra base.  For the Nats, I dubbed these extra bases “The Plush Effect.”

In 2009 Nyjer Morgan tied for 4th among all MLB players in RBP.

The MLB top 4 and ties in 2009 RBP:

1 Jacoby Ellsbury 72
2 Carl Crawford 65
3 Michael Bourn 62
4 Rajai Davis 47
Chone Figgins 47
Nyjer Morgan 47

This was in an injury shortened season for Morgan.

Now for the MLB top 5 in attempts in 2009:

1 Jacoby Ellsbury 85
2 Carl Crawford 82
3 Michael Bourn 74
4 Nyjer Morgan 65
5 Chone Figgins 64

The top 5 in success rate were an entirely different group.  By and large, the more attempts a player had, the lower his success rate. Here are the MLB top 5 in success rate for 2009.  The table below lists the success rate (RPBPCT), the total number of bases produced (RBP) and the total number of attempts (RBPA):

1 Chase Utley 0.939 31 33
2 Shin-Soo Choo
0.929 26 28
3 Jayson Werth
0.893 25 28
4 Chris Getz
0.882 30 34
5 Nelson Cruz
0.880 22 25

Nyjer Morgan was well off the pace in success rate. He had 65 attempts with 47 RBP, giving him a success rate of 0.723, which put him in the top 50. Nyjer Morgan’s numbers were comparable to B.J.Upton who was 46 of 61 (.754).  Players with similar success rates are Emilio Bonifacio 23/32/.719, Chone Figgins 47/64/.724, and Ichiro Suzuki 29/38/.763.

There were only 3 players in the top 25 success rate with more than 50 attempts.  Jacoby Ellisbury 72/85/.847, Michael Bourn 62/74/.838, and Rajai Davis 47/58/.810.

Finally, Adam Kennedy was 26/33/.788.

Like I said in my last post, this should be much more fun to watch than the station to station base running philosophy the Nats had under Manny Acta.

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