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2009 Umpire Review and Awards

February 19, 2010

Who’s your favorite umpire?  Who is your least favorite umpire?  How did the Nats do against them? Here is an unbiased, and largely unscientific summary of Nats performance with each umpire in 2009.  Because each umpire only gets the plate 2-3 times a season for each team, the data is largely skewed by the strength and weakness of the opponent.  But who cares, we don’t really have to be fair to the umpires do we?

I went through the MLB play by play data from 2009, and sorted it two ways.  The first sort gives us the batting average (AVG), strikeouts per nine innings (K/9), and walks per nine innings (BB/9) for the opposing offense.  The second sort gives us AVG, SLG, K/9, and BB/9 for the Nats hitters. Here are the results where the Nats had success.

The 5 umpires with the lowest opposing batting average:

  1. Charlie Reliford
  2. Kerwin Danley
  3. Wally Bell
  4. Angel Hernandez
  5. Scott Barry

The 5 umpires with the highest opposing K/9:

  1. Mike Muchlinski
  2. D.J. Reyburn
  3. Paul Nauert
  4. Wally Bell
  5. Randy Marsh

The 5 umpires with the lowest opposing BB/9:

  1. Mike DiMuro
  2. Jeff Nelson
  3. Charlie Reliford
  4. Angel Hernandez
  5. Jerry Layne

The 5 umpires with the highest Nats batting average.

  1. Fieldin Culbreth
  2. Tony Randazzo
  3. Adrian Johnson
  4. Greg Gibson
  5. Angel Campos

The 5 umpires with the lowest Nats K/9:

  1. D.J. Reyburn
  2. Rick Reed
  3. Kerwin Danley
  4. Tim McLelland
  5. Mike Eastabrook

The 5 umpires with the highest Nats BB/9:

  1. Jeff Kellogg
  2. Larry Vanover
  3. Lance Barksdale
  4. Sam Holbrook
  5. CB Bucknor

And now for the umpires the Nats struggled with.

The 5 umpires with the highest opposing batting average:

  1. Bill Hohn
  2. Mike Eastabrook
  3. Mike Reilly
  4. Phil Cuzzi
  5. Marvin Hudson

The 5 umpires with the lowest opposing K/9:

  1. Jerry Layne
  2. Phil Cuzzy
  3. Jim Joyce
  4. Tom Hallion
  5. Jeff Kellog

The 5 umpires with the highest opposing BB/9:

  1. Jeff Kellog
  2. Chris Tiller
  3. Jim Reynolds
  4. Mike Everitt
  5. Randy Marsh

The 5 umpires with the lowest Nats batting average.

  1. Bruce Dreckman
  2. Chris Tiller
  3. Bill Welke
  4. Rick Reed
  5. Paul Emmel

The 5 umpires with the highest Nats K/9:

  1. Mike Everitt
  2. Gary Darling
  3. Wally Bell
  4. Sam Holbrook
  5. Mike Muchlinski

The 5 umpires with the lowest Nats BB/9:

  1. Mike Everitt
  2. Bruce Dreckman
  3. Dan Iassogna
  4. Dana DeMuth
  5. Bill Miller

I saved the spreadsheet on Google Docs. Here is the link if you want to view all of the data.

And now for the awards.

The I forgot Adam Dunn isn’t the size of a 3 year old girl award goes to Tim Timmons.  Check the video of this strike call.

The I’ve got a dinner date and I don’t care where the last pitch is it’s a strike award goes to Andy Fletcher for flat out quitting on the game.  Listen to Eckstein scream at him here.

The I’ve blown a call and now I have to toss someone to show I’m the boss award goes to Larry Vannover for costing the Nats a run, then tossing Eckstein.  Check it out here.

And the Annual Joe West Deadly Combination of Arrogance and Ignorance Award goes to Joe West for his usual display of arrogance and ignorance on this play.  In a classic Joe West moment, he blows a call, deny’s the manager’s request for help, then tosses the manager.

Good Times.  Did I miss anyone?

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