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Nats Powerful Productivity

February 1, 2010

Several weeks ago Rich Lederer wrote an excellent blog on the Baseball Analysts site titled Graphing the Hitters.  In summary, he compared 155 players  – including Albert Pujols, Joe Mauer, Prince Fielder, and Emilio Bonifacio – to determine which players got more of their offensive value from OBP and which got more value from SLG.  Naturally, I wanted to compare the Nats to this group.

First, Rich computed the average OBP (.333) and SLG (.418) for all major leaguers.  Similar to my Dukes and the Deuce post, this includes pitchers and bench players.  If you haven’t had time to read Rich’s post, players in the upper right quadrant are above MLB average in both OBP and SLG.  Players in the lower left are below the MLB averages, etc.  So here’s how the Nats did in 2009:

As you can see, the Nats had an excellent year at the plate.  Most players were above the league average in either OBP or SLG, and Dunn, Zimmerman, Willingham were well above average in both. In limited ABs, Flores and Maxwell also ranked fairly high.

Rich’s post also included a trendline for all qualified players (which excludes pitchers and bench players). This trendline is an easy way to visualize and categorize players by offensive value.  Players above the trendline get more value from their slugging prowess, while players below the line get more value from their ability to get on base.  I included a copy of Rich’s MLB qualified players trendline in blue for comparison purposes.

I had to add Pujols. What a beast.

Finally, out of curiosity, I added the Orlandos to the graph. As you can see, Orlando Cabrera was below the MLB average for all players in both OBP and SLG.  Compare Cabrera, Hudson and Desmond.  I know Desmond didn’t get a lot of ABs in the major’s this year but still… The Nats are better off letting Cabrera go to the Reds.


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